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Tattoo Removal

product introduction

A plant-based product with 100% Arkanig without any skin damage that removes all the remaining tattoo colors in one go.

This product is not acidic or harmful like other makeup available in the market.

It has the power to erase all remaining tattoos, even very old ones.

With just one surface scratch on the target tissue and with just one movement of the hand, all the colors under the skin are discharged.

The function of this is that it dissolves the color substances and pigments remaining under the skin and then it is discharged from under the skin with the help of the applicator.

There is no need to press your hand to use this product.

As you know, the skin has different tissues, some parts are fat and some parts are muscle, and the use of inappropriate makeup in fatty tissue causes the skin surface to dimple, and in muscle tissues, it causes extra flesh. Therefore, the biggest advantage of this product is that it is safe, herbal and highly effective.