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Super hair keratin – VIP

A wonderful keratin with 100% smoothness and 90% regeneration at the same time, which has a very high effect on all types of hair, whether under, thin, curly, damaged, dyed, etc.

This product has low odor and low gas, and the formaldehyde used in it is of a very high quality.

Another characteristic of this product is its high durability, and it lasts until the roots grow, provided that the hair is properly cared for.

The degree of smoothness of this product is such that it is also known as keratin-rebonding.

Hair clarifying, shiny and rejuvenating strong. First of all, it should be said that people have different hair types and different genders. Each of these hairs are maintained in different ways and their health condition is also different. After keratin treatment, they take care of their hair in different ways, so different people may get different results from the same type of product, and all of this depends on the conditions before and after keratin treatment, and hair care is a very high priority.

How to protect your keratinized hair well?

You can use protein and fixation masks.

Wash your hair with a good sulfate-free shampoo

Avoid high heat of the hair dryer.

Use hair botox, hair strengthening creams and argan oil. And finally, the more you take care of your hair, the better results you will get and the healthier and fresher your hair will be.