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Sulfate free shampoo

product introduction

Cinnamon shampoo, a sulfate-free product, is suitable for dyed, keratinized and bleached hair. This product does not contain sodium sulfate and other anionic surfactants that damage the hair structure.

The pH of this product is available on the market in two types: mild acid and neutral. that after using this shampoo, the hair cuticles are closed due to the acidic property of the shampoo, and also the lack of alkaline salts and sodium sulfate prevents washing (keratin, protein, vitamins, color, etc.) from the surface of the inner walls Hair (cuticle) becomes hair.

By absorbing the extra electrical charge from the hair surface, which causes the hair to tangle and break the hair strands due to the presence of alkaline pH in normal shampoos, this shampoo makes the hair softer and easier to comb.

The presence of a little foam in this shampoo is not due to the presence of sodium sulfate or alkaline salts, but due to the presence of other non-harmful surface active substances, which, in addition to low washability, are completely harmless to the hair. And while gently washing and softening the hair, it does not harm it.

This shampoo is a hair volumizer and its continuous use makes the hair soft and shiny.

How to use sulfate-free shampoo?

After finishing hair keratin or color and bleaching, you can wash your hair with this shampoo. And wash the scalp with a normal shampoo every few days to prevent the accumulation of excess fat in the scalp and hair roots. Therefore, before using this shampoo, first read the instructions for using hair treatment substances and its recipe to know the time required for the substances to remain on the hair surface, then after the required time has passed, you can wash your hair with the help of this shampoo. give

Is every shampoo sulfate free? How to distinguish the original sulfate-free shampoo from its counterfeit?

There are many shampoos on the market that are known as sulfate-free shampoos, but they are not actually sulfate-free shampoos! The first point to distinguish sulfate-free shampoo from its fake type is the PH of the product. All free sulfate shampoos have a slightly acidic or neutral pH. Neutral pH is usually suitable for bleaching hair. The pH of the scalp is acidic, and the pH of most chemicals and treatments, such as dyes, keratin, etc., is alkaline and is in the range of 8-12. Therefore, a suitable sulfate-free shampoo should have a slightly acidic pH to absorb the alkaline effect of such substances and prevent damage to the hair structure.

Therefore, you can measure the pH of these shampoos with the help of pH meter papers or with the help of a pegamter device in a laboratory environment to ensure the authenticity of the product.