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Sulfate free keratin shampoo

product introduction

This shampoo is a sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo that contains protein and keratin substances and gives softness and softness to the hair after use.

After using 30%, it makes the hair smooth and also this product is a hair detangling product (anti-freeze).

A specialized sulfate-free shampoo with a mild acidic pH, which is very suitable for damaged, dyed and keratinized hair.

The viscosity of this product is less concentrated due to the absence of alkaline salts harmful to hair such as sodium lauryl sulfate and other harmful surfactants.

What are the characteristics of a real free sulfate shampoo?

A real sulfate-free shampoo is diluted, and the reason is that it does not contain alkaline salts and harmful surfactants, because these substances give the shampoo more concentration and viscosity. Also, this model of specialized shampoos is often without color and without spicy essence and in the form of glass color. The reason for this is that most essential oils have an alkaline pH and it erases the acidic effect of the shampoo. This is also true for the colors used in the shampoo.

Why should free sulfate shampoos be acidic?

When we talk about acidity, we mean mild acidity.

When washing the head, we should take an average of the PH of different substances such as shampoo, dye, and keratin, and the pH of the scalp, and the acidity of this average is important.

for example :

The pH of hair color is between 8 and 12, which is considered a relatively strong alkali. The pH of the scalp is between 4.5 and 5.5. Therefore, for the final pH to be acidic, the free sulfate shampoo used should have a pH of around 5 to 5.5, so that the final average is slightly less than 7 and does not harm the hair structure.