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Shipping from China to Dubai (air and sea cargo)

When loading speed becomes important for an Iranian businessman, he is more likely to send his cargo to Dubai instead of direct shipping. This statement may seem illogical, but based on experience, it is true in many situations. Dubai has established itself as a convenient intermediate destination for air and sea transportation. The volume of air and sea cargo sent from China to UAE is much more than other hubs. In other words, China to Dubai routes are very busy and active. The geographical location of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) has played an important role in helping to develop this country as a global business center, and many commercial and economic activities in the region take place in Dubai. Therefore, if you want to import and export, you should also keep an eye on Dubai. That’s why we decided to describe the shipping from China in the form of retail and cargo in this article.

How to ship goods from China to Dubai?
There are two ways to transport goods from Dubai to China:

Air transport

Why sea freight to Dubai?
Undoubtedly, when you can import directly to Iran, there is no reason to add Dubai to your shipping destinations. So why is sea shipping important to Dubai? One of the reasons is the ban on sending small cargo to Iran. In some cases, due to the ban on shipping small cargo from China to Iran, we go to Dubai. A separate bill of lading may not be issued for small cargo, and therefore importers use the sea shipping method from China to Dubai. Naturally, in this way, the goods reach Dubai faster and from there to Iran, it does not require much work. This method is simpler and its cost is lower than other methods such as air transportation.

Example: Suppose you intend to import a product that you have bought and want to send from China to Iran. If your purchased product is less than a certain volume (20 feet container), you probably have three options. The first way is to send by air, which is obviously more expensive. The second way is to place your product in a larger counter and pay for the empty space out of your pocket. The third solution we suggest is to send cargo to Dubai.

Minimum load for sea shipping
There is a minimum load limit for shipping from China to Iran. In fact, this restriction is one of the most important problems for the import of “copycat” goods to the country. The solution, as mentioned, is in shipping to Dubai.

Sea shipping from China to Dubai and UAE

Now which method is better for you? Sea freight by small LCL or full container FCL? It depends on the size of your load. But what are LCL and FCL and what is the difference?

LCL shipping, which means less than a container, is a shipping method in which your cargo is placed in a part of the container along with the cargo of others and transported. One of the advantages of this shipping method is that you only have to pay for the space that your cargo occupies. , not the total cost of the container.

If you are planning to ship small shipments from China to Dubai, LCL shipping is the most cost-effective option. FCL shipping means paying for the rental and shipping of a container. It means that you have rented all the space of that container for your cargo. FCL is economical for you when you want to transport large and heavy goods.

Air freight from China to Dubai

If time is very important to you and you want to deliver your goods quickly, air transportation is the best way. Air freight is the best way to ship cargo from China to Dubai in the shortest possible time. However, be prepared to pay more for this fast and flexible service.

How much does it cost to ship cargo from China to UAE?
The correct answer is that this cost depends on various factors. Shipping rates depend on the nature of the items you are shipping. Perishable items may require refrigeration. For example, very large goods may require a larger container.

The cost of shipping cargo from China to Dubai also depends on the shipping method (air, sea), because air freight is usually more expensive than sea freight, and it also depends too much on the volume, size and weight of your shipment (whatever volume and more weight costs more).

Sea freight or air freight; which one is better?
Advantages of sea freight from China to Dubai
The most important advantage of sea transportation is for bulky and heavy loads. For these loads, sea shipping is naturally the cheapest way and the cost difference cannot be ignored. Most commercial goods from China to the UAE are transported by sea by cargo ships. The type of sea shipping container you need also depends on the nature of the goods, and according to that, the right container for the cargo should be selected. For example, perishable goods should be transported in a refrigerated container.

Your cargo can be loaded from a port in China to its destination in Dubai by FCL or LCL method in 20ft or 40ft containers.

Advantages of air freight from China to Dubai
There is no faster way to ship cargo from China to Dubai than air freight. But there are reasons other than time that tempt you to choose air transportation:

Less handling (no LCL or FCL with air freight.)
Greater security (airlines have stricter security procedures than cruise ships.)
Cheaper insurance (less time in transit usually means lower insurance premiums.)