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Providing job opportunities in our company: attracting talented people


Our company seeks to attract the best talents to create an effective and dynamic team. We invite people who have professional and specialized abilities in various fields such as business management, commerce, sales management, sales, human resources management, human resources, financial management and accounting to cooperate.

Specialized abilities:

Below are the specialized skills required for each job position:

commercial manager:

Experience of at least 5 years in business management and market development.
Extensive knowledge in the field of business affairs and ability to analyze the market.
Top leadership and team management skills.
Bachelor of Commerce:

Deep knowledge in business affairs and various markets.
Superior communication and negotiation skills.
At least 3 years of experience in a similar position.
Sales Manager:

Successful experience in sales team management and market research.
Ability to develop sales strategies and increase revenue.
Superior interpersonal and leadership skills.
Sales Expert:

Experience of at least 3 years in sales and communication with customers.
Negotiation skills
High persuasiveness.
Human Resources Manager:

Management experience in the field of human resources and organizational development.
Ability to form and manage human resources processes.
Excellent communication and consulting skills.
Financial and accounting manager:

Successful experience in financial management and accounting in large organizations.
Deep knowledge in financial and business accounting.
Superior financial analysis skills.
If you are a person with the skills and expertise required for any of the above job positions and you want to help your professional and personal development and our company, we invite you to cooperate. For more information and to send your resume, please visit [Contact Us Page].