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Protein hair mask against yellowness and redness

product introduction

It is an anti-yellowing and anti-redness product that absorbs the unwanted yellowness and redness of the hair just like dye shampoos.

This mask is rinsed off and it should be noted that its only function is to absorb additional yellowness and redness, so it does not change the color base.

Due to the presence of regenerative substances, it has a double use compared to anti-yellowness and redness shampoos, i.e., in addition to absorbing the excess yellowness and redness of the hair, it injects protein and keratin into the hair.

How to use this product?

As with protein masks, we start applying the ingredients from the ends to the roots, and after 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the amount of yellowness or redness we want to remove from the hair), we rinse it with water. This product can also be used for home care.