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Private Label

What is a private label?

The competition to produce products and provide them to the customer has created an industry known as the private label industry or the customer-ordered production industry. Of course, other names such as customer brand production, customer brand packaging, empty capacity production or Private Label industry have also been given to this new business.

High quality of manufactured products, low cost of production, the possibility of producing customized products with color, quality, desired essence, special packaging, label design and label printing in low circulation, container printing and the possibility of providing a special container are some of the things that are available for our customers in Private label cosmetic-sanitary industry has provided.

Products are usually produced and prepared by manufacturing companies, and when the labels of different companies are placed on these products, they are called private label products. Private label production, or empty capacity production, provides a platform so that all start-up businesses and businesses without much initial capital to start a production line can use the production line of large factories to produce their products.

These products can bring a lot of profit for a broadcasting company or store, etc. The cost of private label production is very economical and has helped you to produce all the desired products in another factory with your own brand without having a factory and production line.

With a private label, you start building your own brand. For this purpose, you can buy these products without labels and install your own label on them, or buy from a company that includes the process of designing and printing your personal label from the beginning of product production.

Maintaining customer loyalty

Today, people prefer to buy products with their favorite labels over other products. If people are interested in the products distributed under your label, then you are definitely the only source they will turn to for purchases. In the retail world, gaining customer loyalty is not an easy task because people’s behavior changes quickly and people shop at a store that offers them a better price. Through private labeling, you can maintain the loyalty of your customers, in this way, whenever they want to buy your products, they will only come to you.