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Keratin hair botox containing coffee and caffeine

This product is a warm botox and contains coffee keratin. Due to the presence of ferrolaldehyde compounds, it should be used like hair keratin.

Coffee has caffeine compounds, and the use of coffee in shampoos, keratins, botox, and hair masks stimulates the hair bulb, prevents hair loss, and increases blood flow in the scalp and hair shafts.

This product has 90% revitalization and 40% mid-term smoothness, which can produce different results depending on the condition of the hair and the amount of use of hair side products, including therapeutic and rejuvenating products.

Due to its low formaldehyde content, this product can be used at home as a home-care or in a hairdressing salon by a hairdresser.

What can be expected from this product?

Coffee Keratin Botox is a rejuvenating product from the hair treatment line, which is used to restore hair that has not suffered much damage. You should not expect 100% long-term smoothness from the product, because this product is not designed for this purpose either. But a rejuvenating product contains strong keratin and contains caffeine, which restores, straightens and strengthens the hair.

How to use this product?

For the above conclusion, first wash the hair thoroughly with an alkaline shampoo so that the cuticles are fully opened and ready to receive the ingredients. For this purpose, go to the article below to prepare a suitable alkaline shampoo.

After washing the hair with a strong alkaline shampoo and opening the hair cuticles, it is time to use Keratin Botox. First, use gloves and face masks. Start applying the ingredients from the two centimeters left to the hair roots. Let the ingredients rest on the hair for about half an hour. Use a silicone comb to brush the hair.

After the time has passed, first use a special keratin iron, do a blow iron, then do an elastic iron, and then brush the hair with a hair dryer. Don’t forget that if you do elastic ironing at the beginning of the work, all the materials will be washed and fall down with the iron, and this botox will be practically useless.

After ironing and brushing, now it’s time to wash. This botox is without quarantine and you can wash your hair immediately after using it, but it is better to delay this a little and take a bath the next day for more results.

After keratinizing the hair, use a suitable sulfate-free shampoo and wash the scalp with normal shampoo only once every few days for the first week to prevent the accumulation of fat and itching on the scalp.

You can also use the alpha protein fixation mask so that the effect of color or keratin is not lost.