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Importer of electrical equipment for beauty salons: from China to Europe


The beauty salon industry is known as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Therefore, high-quality and advanced electrical devices and equipment are very important for this industry. With more than years of experience in the field of importing electrical equipment, our company is introduced as one of the leaders in this field. With very good connections in China and the ability to import electrical equipment from reputable European brands such as Italy and France, we are introduced as the main source of electrical equipment supply for the beauty industry in Iran.

First part: Introduction of electrical equipment for beauty salons

In this section, we introduce the types of electrical equipment used in beauty salons:

Massage devices: Electric massage devices come in different types such as massage tables, massage therapy devices, and body massagers. These devices help to improve the customer experience in beauty salons.
Skin beauty devices: From skin lifting devices and shaving creams to laser hair removal devices, these electrical devices are the essential equipment of beauty salons.
Hair devices: Hair dryers, conditioners, correctors and hair color devices are among the electrical equipment used in the hair care and makeup industry.
Nail devices: Electric nail devices such as degreasing machines and gel and repair nail devices help users to have beautiful and neat nails.
Second part: Importing electrical equipment from China

Our company is known as one of the top importers of electrical equipment from China. The reason for our success in this field is due to the following factors:

Very good connections: We have close connections with leading manufacturers in China, which enables us to provide customers with excellent quality electrical equipment.
Careful selection: We carefully select electrical devices and equipment and only provide our customers with quality equipment that meets international standards.
After-sales support: We are committed to provide after-sales technical service and support to customers so that they are always satisfied with their equipment.
The third part: importing the best European equipment

Our company is known as one of the leading importers of European electrical equipment from countries such as Italy and France. This electrical equipment is from reputable European brands, including:

Italian: We import appliances and electrical equipment from Italian brands such as “Philips”, “Braun” and “De’Longhi”. These brands are known as representatives of superior quality and design in the world of electrical equipment.

French: We import electrical devices and equipment used for hair, skin and nail care from reputable French brands such as “Moulinex”, “Rowenta” and “L’Oreal”.


Our company is introduced as an importer of electrical equipment for beauty salons with a focus on quality, variety, and customer support. From China to Europe, we provide customers with high-quality electrical equipment and ensure that beauty salons have the best equipment with us. Choosing us as your electrical equipment partner will provide a better experience for your customers and help you grow your business.