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Importing goods from China

Importing from China is a profitable business, and if you are reading this article, you probably want to make money in this way. But what is the lowest acceptable cost for imports from China? How should we find a supplier and what method should we choose to import our goods? To answer this question, you must first know the profitable and low-cost areas. China is one of the oldest and largest trade partners of Iran and continues to supply many of the goods needed by our country. Imports from China account for a significant share of Iran’s foreign trade due to the restriction of Iran’s trade relations with other countries. Now that our trade has moved to the east and finally the import of goods from China has increased significantly in recent years.

This country has been able to produce high-quality goods at a lower price than other countries due to mass production and the use of modern technology and low wages for workers. Therefore, in recent years, China has managed to significantly capture the global markets. With these conditions, importing goods from China and buying from China has attracted the attention of international companies and especially Iranian businessmen.

Importing from China has certain methods that we should be familiar with. China has about 20% of the world’s total imports. The volume and range of products produced in China is astonishing. Finding the right product in this market is not everyone’s job, and if you plan to buy from this country, it is better to do some research in this market. Once you have chosen the desired product, you can contact the experts of our Mobile for further advice.

Another important concern of Iranian businessmen in importing goods from China is the lack of trust in the credibility of Chinese sellers and manufacturers.

The next step is to research shipping costs. Shipping costs include the following:

FOB costs (FOB, delivery of goods on board)
Shipping costs by shipping companies
Customs tariffs
Domestic shipping costs
Service costs such as inspection, agencies, etc.

It is possible to import things with any amount of capital, but we all know that the least expensive legal way depends on buying from a reliable supplier and transporting it in a suitable way. By being careful, it is possible to find a supplier that sells your desired product at a lower cost. This work requires having relationships with the Chinese, which may take years to build for anyone.

If approved by the relevant authorities, they should conduct all negotiations and correspondence with them, as well as holding face-to-face meetings and inspections of offices and factories.
Also, by using various methods, they search for your desired products in detail and provide samples of various products in Chinese online sources and reliable websites. Along with the review of different manufacturers and sellers, they search for the product you want among the multitude of product samples and provide you with the best possible way of ordering and buying from China and sending samples. In this way, they save your time and money significantly.

The minimum capital required to import goods depends on the product group in which you are active. For example, there are some groups of goods that can be bought in bulk for import with a figure of around 10 million Tomans. But some of the goods are valuable goods and have far higher prices, and it is possible to buy one of these goods at a figure of around 100 million tomans or more. This number actually determines the minimum capital for importing from China, which is related to the product or group of products in which you operate.

If you are thinking of importing goods from China with a small capital, do your research well because with a small capital, if the business you have undertaken is not profitable, it is possible to lose. So, you need to know how and in what way and what goods to import from China in order to reduce the risk of importing from China.

If you can, be sure to visit the factory in question.
Keep in mind, a delay in delivery may result in higher shipping costs.
Review import regulations and meet government officials in this field.
Control product quality with the help of an inspection company.
Keep all transaction records and documents, including shipping documents and customs clearance forms.
After receiving the shipment, check that there is no problem.

A high share of Iran’s imports goes to China, and among the imported goods, the largest dollar volume of imports is allocated to cars.

In 2020, China exported 8.51 billion dollars to Iran. The main products exported from China to Iran are motor vehicles. parts and accessories ($545 million), telecommunication equipment ($328 million) and air pumps ($201 million). Over the past 25 years, China’s exports to Iran have increased at an annual rate of 14.7 percent: from $276 million in 1995 to $8.51 billion in 2020.

The most categories of goods imported from China were as follows:

Motor vehicles
Telecommunication equipment
Air pump
Textiles and fabrics
Importing car and motorcycle parts

You don’t need complicated conditions to import from China. If you have a business card, you can place an order yourself. Otherwise, you can always submit an import request to an import trading company from China and leave the import work to them. In other words, import from us, sell from you.