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Import from Dubai (UAE) in the shortest time

UAE is one of the border neighbors of Iran and also one of the old business partners of our country. Due to the blue border with the Emirates, the cost of transportation and clearance of goods from Dubai to Iran is affordable and has a lot of profit. For this reason, Dubai is one of the favorite business centers of Iranian businessmen

Due to the maritime border with the UAE, importing from Dubai and transporting goods to Iran and clearance of goods is low-cost and affordable, and merchants can import their cargo at a lower speed and cost than in other countries. This has led to the great interest of Iranian businessmen in trading and importing goods from Dubai.

Also, one of the issues that traders face when importing from the UAE is the issue of returning goods. Sometimes the goods are imported to Iran and reach you, but the goods are not of the quality you want or may even be damaged.

Due to the size and complexity of its two important ports, namely Bandar Rashid and Jabal Ali port city, Dubai has been able to dominate the goods and export markets of the Middle East. In the following, we introduced these two important ports:

Jebel Ali port
Jebel Ali Port, located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and approximately 35 km southwest of Dubai, is a port city. Jebel Ali Port is one of the largest sea ports in the Middle East and is known as the ninth largest and busiest port in the world. The construction of Jebel Ali port started in 1976 and in 1979, with the completion of operations in Rashid port, it was officially opened for extensive trade by Queen Elizabeth II. This port has countless berths. In fact, Jebel Ali is a commercial free economic zone and is considered one of the most important economic zones in the world and the Middle East.

Imported from Jebel Ali
Imports from Jebel Ali UAE are booming in Iran. This Persian Gulf port city has a strong position in the transportation and re-export industry. Jebel Ali is the free trade zone of the UAE, which has a very strong infrastructure in sea and air transportation. A large part of the income of this region is obtained by re-exporting goods to countries like Iran, which indicates the high prosperity of the transportation industry in this region. Direct access to the sea as well as the international airport is a special privilege that is very important for Iranian businessmen.

In Jebel Ali port, there is a space of about one million square meters for transportation and storage. Various warehouses for goods have been built in this city to support the heavy transit load of the region. From cold storages to large warehouses, it takes part in the process of storing and maintaining cargo in this port. Another strength of Jebel Ali is that it is a free zone, which means that customs fees are not considered for the clearance of goods.

Bandar Rashid
Bandar Rashid has been opened since 1972. This port has cruise ports known as “Mina Rashid”. It may not be an understatement to say that Rashid Terminal in Dubai is the only known cruise ship terminal in the world. This port annually hosts about 500,000 people at its cruise terminal in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the most important cities in the United Arab Emirates. The area of the United Arab Emirates is about 83600 square kilometers. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, and Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain are important cities in this country. Dubai can be considered the second trading partner of Iran. Statistics show that last year the figure of seven billion and 837 million dollars was imported from Dubai. Of this amount, it is equivalent to 18.88% of the total share of the country’s import value. we Import and Export Company, along with the provider of goods import services from Dubai, invites you to read the rest of this article to learn more about the tips and steps of importing from Dubai, including clearance of goods and transportation of goods.

Also, statistics show that 26% of imports from Dubai are Iran’s share, and Iranian businessmen have imported about 3,000 types of goods from Dubai, of which automobiles have the largest share.

10 major items of goods imported from Dubai in order of dollar value, the following can be mentioned:

Motor vehicles with a cylinder volume of 1500 to 2000 cc, except for ambulances and hybrids
Vehicles with spark-ignition internal combustion piston engine between 2000 and 2500 cc
Oilcake and other solids obtained from soybean oil extraction
Frozen boneless cuts of beef
Products of flat and hot-rolled iron or unalloyed steel
Packaged butter
Products from hot-rolled flat alloy steels only
Fresh or dried green bananas
Components and parts of steam turbines
Barley except for seeds

Note that importing from Dubai has important points and requirements that you should pay attention to. In the following, we discussed these points:

It is mandatory that you are familiar with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and business conditions in Dubai before any action and do not import without sufficient study.
We recommend that you buy products that are popular and sell well in the country.
If you plan to stay in Dubai, find out about the conditions of stay in the United Arab Emirates.
The number of non-standard goods offered in the Dubai market is high; Therefore, buy your goods only from the reputable representative of foreign companies.
Due to the increase in the price of the dirham (the currency of the United Arab Emirates), it is better to first export goods to Dubai and then import the equivalent goods from Dubai.
To transport goods from the port of Dubai, you can easily transport them to the ports of Iran through cargo barges in the port of Dubai. It is recommended to ship your goods by container.
To transfer money, use authorized exchanges in the country.
Don’t deal with a merchant just because he might offer you goods at a lower price, but ask the reason for the lower price.
If you find the market for selling goods in Iran before buying and importing goods from Dubai, you will get your profit in less time.
Please allow for shipping delays. Weather and seasons have an effect on the delay of open shipping.
There are branches of Saderat and National Banks in Dubai where you can do your foreign exchange affairs with these banks.
Use the letter of credit method for importing goods.

According to what we reviewed here, we can conclude that importing from Dubai brings many advantages for Iranian businessmen. If you also operate in the field of cross-border trade and are interested in importing goods from Dubai, trading groups can help you in this matter.