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Import and exclusive design of PET cosmetic containers


With the expansion of the cosmetics industry around the world and the increase in demand for related products, the import and production of cosmetic containers is of great importance. In this article, the needs, import, and special design of PET containers by Royal Trade Market Company from China will be discussed. We will also mention the knowledge of the cosmetic market and the need for quality containers in the private label process of cosmetic products.

Accurate sourcing and case selection:

Due to its expertise and experience in importing PET container production line equipment, Royal Trade Market is committed to strict sourcing practices in China. These methods include studying the market, identifying reliable suppliers, and selecting cases for cooperation in order to provide high-quality containers.

Understanding the cosmetics market:

The cosmetics market is very dynamic and competitive. Royal Trade Market has been able to know the selection of products according to the demand and the target market by carefully analyzing the market and developed its import and production activities.

Need for quality dishes:

Cosmetic products must meet high standards of quality and hygiene. Royal Trade Market considers this point as the most important in the process of importing and producing PET containers. Guaranteeing the quality of products means guaranteeing the health and satisfaction of customers.

Import of special containers:

In order to meet the different needs of the market, Royal Trade Market imports containers with special sizes and appearance of the products. This flexibility in choosing containers helps to improve the customer experience and meet the diverse needs of the market.

Exclusive production and design of containers:

In addition to importing, Royal Trade Market is also able to produce and design exclusive PET containers. This allows customers to produce their own products with the desired branding and design, which facilitates marketing and brand promotion.

Import of special molds and production line equipment:

In order to improve the production process, Royal Trade Market also imports special molds and production line equipment. This action helps to improve the quality and productivity of production.

Import of PET containers by Royal Trade Market Company

Introduction of Royal Trade Market Company:
Royal Trade Market Company is an active company in the field of import and exclusive design of cosmetic containers from China. This company operates with expert specialists and using advanced equipment in the field of importing quality PET containers and production line equipment.

Type of imported products:
Royal Trade Market Company imports PET containers for the packaging of cosmetics and health products. These containers include different categories of containers with different capacities:

10 to 100 ml containers:
These containers are used to package products such as argan oil and hair conditioner.

Containers larger than 250 ml to 1000 ml:
These containers are used to package products such as keratin and shampoo.

Exclusive design of PET containers

Importance of exclusive design:
Due to the great competition in the cosmetics market, the special design of PET containers is very important as a differentiating factor. Royal Trade Market Company creates specially designed containers according to the needs of its customers.

Importing specific templates:
For the exclusive design of PET containers, Royal Trade Market Company imports special molds to be able to produce containers with the desired shape and appearance of its customers.

Production line equipment

Use of advanced equipment:
By using advanced equipment in the production line, Royal Trade Market ensures that PET containers are produced with high quality and better efficiency.

Strict quality control:
Strict quality control is carried out at all stages of production, from the import of molds to the final production, to ensure that the products are produced with quality and standard.


Royal Trade Market company responds to the needs of the cosmetics market by importing quality PET containers and carrying out exclusive design. This company produces quality and marketable products using advanced equipment and strict quality control. This not only helps to strengthen the company’s position in the market but can also help to strengthen the differentiation of competitors.