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Hair milk without rinsing after shower

product introduction

It is a no-rinse product that is responsible for revitalizing and untangling hair knots after washing with shampoo and is easily absorbed into the hair structure after use.

This product is sprayed into the hair after bathing and while hydrating and revitalizing the hair, it unties the hair knots and gives softness and softness to the hair.

No-rinse hair milk is a home-care product that can be used at home, and there is no limit to its consumption, and it can be used every day.

This product is also a gloss and moisturizer.

Wet hair is very vulnerable after a bath. This product helps to comb the hair easily and prevents hair breakage due to combing and damage to the hair body.

Due to the presence of aromatic essences in it, it is also used as a hair perfume. This product, while creating softness in the hair, creates a pleasant fragrance in it.

How to use this product?

After the shower, when we take some of the moisture with a towel, I spray some of this product easily layer by layer. As mentioned, this product does not need to be rinsed and is easily absorbed by the hair.