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Face tattoo color (Hashur technique)

product introduction

This color is suitable for tattooing (with the hash technique) on the face, including lips, eyes and eyebrows with the help of the hash technique.

Tattoo colors are mostly water soluble or oil soluble. But this tattoo color is soluble in a substance called fixator. The importance of this matter lies in the different tissues of the face on which the tattooing is done, because some tissue is fat and some is muscular, and the use of colors that are soluble in water or oil is possible for some areas. cause problems, so the use of color in all textures can be worked with and be sure to be done is the most important advantage of this type of tattoo colors

The colors have 26 color ranges.

All the pigments used in it are imported from Germany, so it has high color quality and very good concentration.

These colors are available in 30 ml containers with a weight of about 60-80 grams depending on the type of color spectrum.

Different color spectrums have different weights and it depends on the density of solvent pigments in the fixative liquid.

Long lasting and non-fading, the color does not fade after some time, is one of the features of this product.