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Door to door shipping

What is Door to Door service?
The simple definition of door to door service is that the business service provider company delivers the customer’s goods from the door of the seller’s factory or a predetermined location.

Then the goods are taken out of the country of origin by performing customs formalities and delivered to the customs of the destination country by air or sea transport. There, after going through customs formalities and goods clearance, he delivers the goods to the door of the customer’s desired location through the ground transportation system.

Although the process mentioned above is very short and concise, it must be said that providing door to door services has its own steps. The company that provides these services must have an integrated business system to carry out this process in the best possible way.

Door to door service steps
Packaging and transfer of goods from the point of origin (the door of the seller’s factory)
Preparation of shipping documents (packing list, commercial invoice, bill, certificate of origin…)
Loading and unloading at port or airport and customs clearance
Transportation to the port or airport of the destination country
Delivery to your final address
Sea shipping from China to Iran
Sea or air transportation?
Shipping returned goods

In providing door-to-door services, it will offer various options for transporting goods to merchants. According to the needs and expectations of the contracting party, one of several methods of transporting goods will be chosen.
In fact, the choice of the transportation method is influenced by two main factors: volume/weight of goods and delivery time. Also, the main difference between sea shipping and air shipping is the shipping time. In fact, air freight is much faster than sea freight.

Characteristics of companies providing door-to-door services
But let’s take a look at the features that a door to door service provider should have.
If you pay attention to the definition above, the door to door service starts when the customer determines the type of product and its amount and the place of receiving the product from the seller, but the service provided by this company starts a few steps earlier.

First, it provides necessary advice to its customers regarding the import of their desired goods. Then it helps them find the best example of their desired product that is of good quality and price, which is called sourcing. In addition, if the client wants to be present in the work phase of sourcing, he will be accompanied by a Chinese translator who is fluent in Farsi.

After we have reached the best sellers and the prototypes of the product desired by the customer, if the customer is not present in the exporting country, we will send the non-commercial sample (sample) to them as soon as possible. After all these steps, it’s time to start the door to door service process, where we pick up the product from the factory or seller’s door and send it to the customer’s desired address.