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Customs clearance of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas has been known as one of the important commercial ports in the country since the past. So that even today, most of the international trade is done through the large customs of this port, and in addition to domestic merchants, foreign ships also load their cargoes in this port. It can be said that getting to know the customs clearance procedures of Bandar Abbas is one of the issues that every businessman should be aware of before starting his business activities. Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas Customs is the largest customs in the country and one of the most important customs in the Middle East, with the ability to accept more than 100 million tons of cargo per year.

Specialized sea clearance services
Sending goods door to door from China and UAE
Carrying out customs formalities (clearance, declaration of goods, evaluation, etc.)
Obtaining various licenses from Iran’s national standard organizations, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Regulatory Organization for Radio Communications, the Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents, etc.
Issuance of inspection certificate

Customs clearance of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas
Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas Customs is known as the largest customs in the country, its establishment was approved in 1376 by the Council of Ministers of the Interior. This customs alone handles more than 55% of exports and imports and 70% of the country’s transit. Every year, about 100 million tons of goods are unloaded and loaded in the port of this customs, which after clearance, are distributed to all parts of the country.

This figure includes the unloading of 90 percent of the country’s container goods. Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas Customs had lost commercial prosperity during the years of sanctions, but fortunately, it has been able to go through a growing process to reach its peak days with the smart management of the customs managers.

Benefits of Shahid Rajaei customs clearance
High heat and humidity in the economic zone of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas Customs is one of the problems of this collection. However, the significant benefits of this customs cannot be ignored. The operational area as well as the back shore of the port of this customs office is about 4800 hectares, which is located 23 kilometers west of Bandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgan province.

The features of Bandar Abbas Shahid Rajaei customs wharf allow very large ships to dock in its port and unload their cargo with ease.

Another important feature of Shahid Rajaei Customs is its privileged geographical location and the possibility of access to the open waters of the world through the Persian Gulf, which is also connected to the international railway network and the Silk Road.

Benefits of Shahid Rajaei customs clearance
Having advanced facilities and equipment and proximity to freedom zones, such as Kish and Qeshm and other Persian Gulf ports, has made this customs to be known as a special and unique economic zone in the country. Bandar Abbas Shahid Rajaei Customs annually attracts the attention of many businessmen for trade through a commercial and strategic base.

In addition, it should be said that the Bandar Abbas Shahid Rajaei Customs is one of the most important customs in the Middle East region and has countless potential, such as: support lands to be handed over to investors in order to improve performance and carry out support, industrial, oil and service activities in the form of BOT contracts, unique conditions and has provided a special opportunity for international trade in this region.

Shahid Rajaei customs work clearance
Bandar Abbas Shahid Rajaei customs staff
The continuous activity and effort of Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas customs staff, in order to speed up the process of customs formalities and provide high quality services, is commendable. Taking into account the principles and rules of the employees’ code of ethics, the officials of this customs office, in order to integrate management and operational systems based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard, assure the merchants to invest, import and export their goods in this customs house with ease. The high mastery of the experts of this Shahid Rajaei customs office has caused the goods to be cleared quickly and with accurate calculation of costs and payment of customs funds based on the documents and documents received from the goods.

Shahid Rajaei Customs has taken an effective step towards increasing the efficiency of customs, reducing costs and short clearance time, as well as reducing the number of customs documents for the esteemed businessmen of our country, taking into account the indicators of cross-border trade and improving the business environment.
The importance of customs clearance in Bandar Abbas
The importance of clearing goods from Shahid Rajaei Bandar Abbas Customs comes up when your goods are perishable. Goods such as food, medicine, hygiene and cosmetics are considered as perishable goods. The solution to this problem is to use containers that can be used as refrigerators. Of course, using this method will lead to a lot of costs for you to clear the goods from Bandar Abbas customs.

In this situation, the best thing is to use the companies that provide clearance services. Using the experience and expertise of these companies, packaging and packing services are provided depending on the type of your goods, and as a result, the cost of clearing the goods from Bandar Abbas customs and maintaining them will also be different.

What goods are cleared from Shahid Rajaei customs
What goods are cleared in Bandar Abbas customs?
Household appliances clearance
Machine carpet clearance
Clearance of sanitary faucets
Clearance of road construction machinery
Clearance of medical equipment
Clearance of cosmetics
Vehicle clearance