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Customs clearance in Shahriar (west of Tehran)

Customs clearance is one of the most important processes in the field of importing goods. In order to clear goods from customs and its process according to the laws and regulations of the country, one must go through various steps. Due to the fact that Tehran, as the capital of the country, is one of the most important trade hubs in Iran, many merchants use this customs to import their goods into the country. This customs house is also known as Shahriar and is one of the most famous customs houses in Iran. Customs clearance is very important for traders. Shahriar Customs is the only commercial customs of Tehran and is geographically located in the west of Tehran. This customs office was established in 1355 with the aim of improving the structure of the import and export system and easy processes for comfort and well-being, and dedicated services for unloading and loading are provided in it.

Benefits of Tehran Customs (Shahriar)
Due to the fact that Shahriar Customs is located in the capital of Iran (Tehran), its accessibility is in some ways more accessible than other customs, which we will mention below.

Since Shahriar Customs is one of the main customs in Iran and is also located near Imam Khomeini International Airport, it is equipped with special resources and facilities compared to other executive customs. Some of the most important features of this customs are:

Warehouses suitable for storing any variety of materials (roofed)
Equipped with all kinds of machines
Various equipment
The presence of railway lines next to warehouses
Employing skilled personnel
Equipped with fire systems
It has 13 covered warehouses with an area of 51,840 square meters
It has 22 docks with an area of 257,392 square meters
Proximity to the capital
The proximity of customs to the capital is one of the important factors that can be important for an importer. Because most clearance companies have representatives in the capital. In addition, you can benefit from the facilities of the capital for goods clearance.

The possibility of connecting to railway lines and the national railway network
Rail transportation is one of the cheapest types of goods transportation. For this reason, being close to the rail artery is very important for importers; Because they can send their cargo to different parts of the country at the lowest cost.

access to Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini airports
Proximity to Imam Khomeini Airport and Mehrabad can provide special conditions for importers. The location of the customs office among the important highways of the country: the access of this customs office to the important highways of the country is one of the important advantages for the clearance of goods from the customs of Shahriar. Because clearance workers can distribute goods in different parts of the country in the shortest possible time.

Compliance with safety standards
Customs safety is one of the factors that, if it is missing, the existing goods are exposed to all kinds of risks. The occurrence of any risk causes damage to the goods, which can cause huge losses to the owners of the goods.

10 important goods that are cleared from Shahriar customs:
Subsidized laptops and accessories
Mobile phones and mobile accessories
Large home appliances
Raw material
Decor items
Specialized clearance of saffron