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Clearance from Dubai

The UAE is one of the most important trading partners of Iran and this partnership has always made them one of the most important countries for Iran. Most of Iran’s imports from Asian countries go to Iran through Dubai and other UAE cities. In the past years, the UAE has been the second source of imports to Iran, and in other words, it is the hub of Iran’s maritime imports. In fact, a part of Iran and China’s trade is carried out to Iran through UAE ports. Many goods are imported to the UAE through other countries and reach Iran through Dubai. After being cleared from Dubai, these goods come to Iran through sea and air transportation. In this article, we discuss the clearance of goods from Dubai and its conditions

What is clearance?
First, we need to know what clearance is and what processes it includes. For the goods to leave the customs of any country, a series of formalities are performed, and the set of these formalities is called goods clearance. Clearance in each country may be different; But customs principles and rules in most countries of the world are similar to the basic standard. So, if you are familiar with the clearance process in Iran, you will probably quickly understand this process in other countries. It is only possible that depending on the country in question, in some cases, other formalities may also be added.

Customs clearance of Dubai
The prerequisite for importing and clearing goods from Dubai customs is to have up-to-date information on the international and domestic laws of the UAE; Because the clearance of goods from Dubai customs is done according to the laws of the UAE. Getting to know the customs clearance rules of Dubai will help you to carry out your business activities in the UAE according to a detailed and principled plan and to clear your imported goods in the shortest possible time without wasting capital and time.

Declaration of goods clearance from Dubai customs
Customs declaration is one of the important steps in customs clearance. The purpose of submitting a customs declaration is to determine the imported and exported goods for the customs. To prepare a customs declaration, you need to keep in mind the customs laws of the country you want to do business with (here UAE). With this declaration, you introduce yourself and your goods to the customs. The customs fees of the goods and the necessary permits for the clearance of the goods are estimated and issued according to your customs declaration.

The best selling goods imported from Dubai
The most important and best-selling goods imported from Dubai include tropical fruits, productive livestock, beans, coffee and cocoa, spices, barley, rice, oilseeds, all kinds of seeds, edible oil, tobacco and tobacco, minerals, all kinds of industrial oil, industrial raw materials, All kinds of vitamins, medical and dental supplies and equipment, paper and cardboard, raw materials for tire making, pottery supplies, plastic materials, all kinds of fabric and thread, packing supplies and equipment, elevators, screws, metal artifacts, auto spare parts, road construction machinery, industrial machines, It has been sports equipment.

4 advantages of goods clearance from Dubai
45 UAE free trade zones provide a very good opportunity for imports from this country.
One of these cases is the possibility of re-export or re-export from Dubai and other UAE cities to Iran. Of course, if you intend to export from Iran to other countries, you can use this international route.
Iran has the largest maritime border with the UAE, and on the other hand, they are geographically very close to each other. So, using such infrastructure in our neighborhood can make import and export very easy.
The air route and the number of daily trips between the UAE and Iran is another advantage that makes transporting goods fast and cheap.
Another advantage of shipping goods from Dubai is the possibility of transhipment and cross-staffing. Imported cargo to Dubai can be transferred to another destination without leaving the container. Even in such a situation, the container can be emptied and reloaded in another place to reach the desired destination. Such methods can be used to transport goods that cannot be sent to Iran due to sanctions.

Calculation of customs clearance costs
It is difficult to determine the exact cost of customs duties. Because the number of factors affecting the final price of customs clearance is high. Some of these items include the cost price of the product, conditions of sale of the product and its demand in the domestic market, etc. Also, to clear your goods from Dubai customs, you will be required to submit a pre-invoice (proforma) to customs. In the following, we have made a brief reference to the costs that you have to pay for the clearance of goods from Dubai.

The costs related to customs clearance in Dubai are as follows:

Goods insurance costs
Costs related to customs tariffs
Clearance fees and administrative affairs and customs formalities
Tax expenses
Costs related to the transportation of goods
The cost of loading goods at commercial borders
Goods import duties