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Cargo transportation from China to Iran (sea and air transportation)

If you are visiting this page, you probably want to import goods from China to Iran. Here we provide you with a complete guide and all the important information you need about all the stages of importing from China, shipping cargo from China to Iran, and the international shipping process.

With a long history, Iran is one of China’s main trading partners in the Middle East. Every year, many businessmen from China travel to Iran to buy and import Chinese goods.
Between China and Iran, there are various transportation options such as air freight, ocean freight, express shipping services and door to door shipping services, which can provide many opportunities for Iranian businessmen to ship cargo from China to Iran.

Air freight from China to Iran

Air cargo shipping and air shipping services from China is one of the most popular shipping methods from China to Iran. Many flights from China to Iran are ready to carry cargo to Iran every day.

If your package is more than 30 kg and has a high value or you want to save on your transportation, we recommend you to use air freight services from China to Iran, and as you know, air freight services are one of the safest services for shipping. And the transfer is to Iran.

Air freight may cost more than sea freight, but you can receive your shipment in less than 1 or 2 days in Iran.

Which Iranian city can accept air freight from China?
In Iran, there are many international airports, but only some of them have international flights; Therefore, only a few international airports can accept shipments from China:

Air cargo from China to Tehran (Imam Khomeini International Airport)
Air cargo from China to Mashhad (Hashminejad International Airport)
Air cargo from China to Shiraz (Shahid Dastghib International Airport)
Air cargo from China to Tabriz (Tabriz International Airport)

Sea shipping from China to Iran
In fact, it can be said that one of the best and most cost-effective ways of transporting goods from China to other countries, especially to Iran, is sea transportation from China. The reason for this is the waters of freedom that have surrounded China. Of course, you should note that the time required to transport cargo from China by sea takes about 33 to 55 days.

As a result, if your cargo is not damaged, this method can be suitable for you because, unlike air cargo from China, there is no volume limit. The largest commercial port in China is Shanghai, which has about 181 berths, 55 of which are capable of accepting ships with a capacity of 10,000 tons.

The main sea ports of Iran
Iran, as one of the largest countries in the Middle East, has famous sea ports and has many drawbacks.

Every day, thousands of containers are imported or exported from these sea ports:

If you want to use sea transportation services from China to Iran, you should choose one of these ports:

Bandar Abbas (IRBND)
Bushehr (IRBUZ)
Imam Khomeini Port (IRBKM)
Chabahar (IRZBR)
Khor Al Zubair (IQKHA)
Khorramshahr (IRKHO)

What is the best Iranian sea port for shipping cargo from China to Iran?

Based on our experience, we suggest customers to choose Bandar Abbas (IRBND) or Bushehr (IRBUZ). Because usually the cost of transportation to these two ports is cheaper and the customs procedure in these two sea ports is easier than other sea ports.

Which shipping lines provide sea transportation services from China to Iran?

Currently, only these shipping lines offer services from China to Iran:

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL)



Evergreen Marine

Hanjin Shipping (OOCL)

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC)

Hyundai Marine Trading (HMM)

Door to Door delivery service from China to Iran
It offers door-to-door delivery services for customers who want to simplify logistics management, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of product loss or damage. We are one of the leading representatives of door-to-door transportation services from China to Iran. Our door to door service covers sea and air shipping from China to Iran.

we can remove the distance and time between your desired seller or factory in China and deliver the goods from China to your address in Iran. In Door to Door shipping services from China to Iran, we do all the shipping and clearance procedures for our customers in Iran.

Express shipping from China to Iran
Express service is one of the best options for small packages and documents.

If you want to send a package of less than 20 kg or documents from China to Iran, we suggest using express shipping services. It is good to know that express services usually do not include customs clearance fees in Iran. We suggest that you clarify everything before working with any express service company and then start working with them.

Customs clearance in Iran
Unfortunately, the process of clearing goods from customs in Iran is one of the most difficult stages of trading goods. For example, maybe for some goods, you need 4 or 5 different licenses from different agencies, and that makes it difficult and expensive.

Many different regulations cause a lot of trouble for Iranian businessmen and they have to spend a lot of money to complete the customs clearance procedures of Iran.

Iran has large ports and an international airport, which allows people to have many options for importing and clearing customs.

How to start customs clearance in Iran?
If you want to start your customs clearance process in Iran and plan to send a package from China to Iran, you need to prepare a lot of documents.

The necessary documents to declare the goods for definite import, which must be prepared by the owner of the goods or his representative, are:

Definitive import declaration (draft and registration in customs EPL system)
Copy of a valid business card (original card for coding first)
A warehouse receipt will be issued to the owner of the goods as a consignment receipt when the goods are delivered to the customs warehouse.
bill of lading
Certificate of Origin
Invoice or purchase list
Declaration of supply of currency or bill of exchange (if the payment method is letter of credit or bill of exchange)
Proforma (pre-invoice)
Authorization to place an order
Baling list
Customs insurance policy
Operating license (for production companies as the case may be)
Catalog and brochure (as applicable)
Legal permits for clearance of goods such as health certificate, standard, atomic energy, plant quarantine and others (as applicable)
Official power of attorney, business fee card (as applicable)
Export license (if import is done instead of export)
What are the normal customs fees of Iran?
When importing any product from China to Iran at Iranian customs, you have to pay various fees. Here is a list of shipping costs from China to Iran:

Business profit
Bill of warehouse and warehousing
Tolls of the Ministry of Roads and Municipality

How many categories does Iranian customs have for all products?
In Iran, customs has three types of products for import and export:

Permitted goods: By complying with the relevant criteria, the export or import of these goods does not require a license
Conditional goods: export or import of these goods is possible by obtaining a license.
Prohibited goods: The export or import of these goods (buying, selling or consuming) is prohibited according to Islamic holy law or law.
Please check the type of your product before importing any goods from China to Iran and transporting goods from China to Iran, and please note the types and specifications of goods under each of the three categories above with the decree issued by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. It is set, it is determined.

Trade relations between China and Iran
The economic and trade exchanges between China and Iran are mainly developed in two areas, namely general trade and oil and gas trade. Every year, many businessmen from Iran travel to China to buy Chinese products. Economic relations between Tehran and Beijing have grown by an average of 40% annually over the past few years. The level of trade between the two countries has increased from 400 million dollars in 1994 to 29 billion dollars in 2008.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said at the Iran-China Trade Cooperation Conference in Tehran on May 11, 2009: “China is currently Iran’s main economic partner in Asia and also Iran’s third largest trade partner in the world.” By surpassing the European Union, China became Iran’s largest trading partner.

Official figures say the European Union is Tehran’s most important trading partner, with total trade of $35 billion in 2008, compared to $29 billion with China. But this number hides the fact that most of Iran’s trade with the UAE consists of goods destined for or from China. Majid Reza Hariri, deputy head of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce, said that transportation to China accounts for more than half of Tehran’s $15 billion trade with the United Arab Emirates.

Considering this issue, China’s trade with Iran is at least 36.5 billion dollars, which can be more than the entire trade with the European Union.

What goods does Iran import from China?
Iran’s main export destinations are China ($16.9 billion), India ($10.2 billion), South Korea ($7.22 billion), Italy ($3.48 billion), and Japan ($3.23). billion dollars).

China exports various types of products such as machinery, metals, chemical products, etc.

What goods does Iran export to China?
China imports various types of products from Iran, such as:

crude oil
Iron ore
Ethylene polymers
Acyclic alcohols