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Buy from Dubai and send to Iran

UAE, as one of the modern and most visited business centers, has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Shopping in Dubai is very attractive for Iranians, especially Iranian businessmen, due to the lack of access to global markets and reputable foreign brands due to sanctions. The UAE has become one of the main market destinations for Iranians in recent years due to its proximity to Iran and reasonable product prices and lower costs compared to other countries. In this we article, we introduced shopping services from Dubai.

Buy from the UAE without intermediaries
With the progress of recent years, the UAE has become one of the main and modern trade centers. World famous brands have established their offices in this country. Buying from Dubai and sending to Iran is a profitable business, which is one of the concerns of Iranian businessmen.

Online shopping from Dubai
Shopping in Dubai and UAE is one of the most serious activities. The UAE is an expensive country, and those looking for a luxury trip can shop at big shopping malls, busy markets, and flashy stores. But many people may not feel the need for such luxury trips with unnecessary expenses and are more looking for business. To meet the needs of such people and hassle-free shopping in the UAE, it is possible to shop online from Dubai at home and through the best online shopping centers in Dubai.

Shopping sites from Dubai
Today, the UAE has managed to gain a good reputation as one of the most important e-commerce centers. In order to buy from Dubai sites, you need to be familiar with UAE online stores. In this part of the article, we introduce 10 shopping sites from Dubai

Emirates Souq website; All kinds of goods
Noon Dubai site; All kinds of goods
lance; Dress
Splash Dubai; clothing
Let’s Tango; Electronic appliances
Iowa; Glasses
CV; clothing
Dubizzle (Dubizzle); second hand goods
Ubuy (Ubuy); Electronic appliances

Buy from Souq Dubai
Souq Dubai is one of the most important online shopping sites in Dubai. is now owned by Amazon and is a subsidiary of Amazon in the UAE. Souq Dubai website offers a wide range of shopping and sales in the field of laptops, fashion, electronics, toys and more.

Buying spare parts from Dubai
Dubai is the original spare parts market for luxury and more expensive cars, such as BMW, Nissan, Toyota and the like. For this reason, buying spare parts from Dubai and importing them to Iran is safer and faster for Iranian buyers, and at the same time more cost-effective. Because the tax is not charged on the import of spare parts from Dubai. Importing car spare parts from Dubai is also profitable for traders who are interested in major import of car spare parts.

Buy from Dubizzle (Dubizzle); environment lover
dubizzle is a platform for buying, selling and finding goods and even jobs in UAE cities. The number of subscribers of this store has reached more than 1.6 million people. Finding a job and finding a job along with selling and renting new and used goods has made Dubizel a fierce competitor for its Emirati counterparts.

Maybe selling second-hand goods in Dubai was a less favorable business until a few years ago, but now we see that the number of customers of this site has reached more than 1.5 million people, and according to statistics, 70% of them consider themselves to be environmentally friendly. Now we realize that the reason for the growth of the second-hand market in Dubai is not unfavorable economic conditions but environmental attitudes.

If you want to buy used products, one of the best websites for this purpose is Dubizzle. Currently, dubizzle is the second online market for second-hand products, but it is not unlikely that it will soon win the title of the best online shopping website in Dubai for second-hand goods. This website lets you browse real estate, cars, electronics, and even books, cosmetics, and shoes for sale. If you are in Iran and want to buy a product from this store, just send the product link to our experts.

Shipping methods and delivery time
The transportation of goods from Dubai to Iran is carried out by our Company in two ways:

Air transport
In the field of transporting goods from Dubai to Iran, due to the proximity of the two countries, air transportation is much faster and more economical than sea transportation. With express air shipping, the goods usually reach the customer within a week to ten days. On the other hand, the sea shipping method, which is generally used for orders with high volume and weight, can take up to several months.

Buy from UAE without customs
It is possible to buy from the UAE without customs, but this does not mean importing from the UAE. If you have gone to this country for a trip, naturally you can bring your purchase up to the allowed limit to Iran without paying customs duties, but if you are thinking of buying in bulk from Dubai and importing using a barge and such methods, we have to tell you this method. It is smuggling that you probably know. Of course, the thing that makes many go to smuggling is that they think that the dangers of this method will not bother them. But it is enough to hear once that all the capital of your colleague has been seized in the smuggling warehouse with loans. It doesn’t matter how many years you follow the story. You will lose your belongings and you will have to pay a fine.

we always suggest legal methods, but our experts have a high knowledge of customs laws, and of course, a large volume of flights and full container loads and small cargo are sent weekly. For this reason, there may be methods for buying your goods and transporting and clearing them from Dubai that you are not aware of. We suggest you consult our experts once. It’s always possible that there is a more cost-effective way for you that you don’t know about.