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Buy from Alibaba China

Few merchants or traders can be found who have not bought at least once from the Alibaba site. Buying from Alibaba has caused the growth of buying from China due to the low prices, good quality and high security of the site during the execution of the contract and has caused the company to grow more and more. About 279 million buyers and 8 million active sellers use Alibaba’s online services annually, reporting about 14 billion orders on the website. Alibaba Group, which has more than 20,000 employees, has exceeded the sales of Amazon and eBay and has accounted for more than 80% of China’s e-commerce per capita. The number of Alibaba’s annual active users has reached 300 million people; It means about three times the total population of Iran!

Due to the good economic relations between Iran and China, buying from the Alibaba website is very common among Iranian businessmen. Therefore, knowing such markets and using a strong platform called Alibaba website, we decided to take a step to solve this problem.

Until a few decades ago, China was considered a developing country, but suddenly everything changed dramatically. These days, the world’s largest factories in China produce all kinds of goods that are consumed by millions of people around the world. China’s economy developed and turned this sleeping giant into the economic superpower of the world.

Since the beginning of the new year, due to the spread of Corona, the fluctuations of the currency market, the long journey and the high cost of traveling to China have caused many merchants and buyers from different countries to put on shawls and hats and go to this far away place to buy the goods they want. do not have In this article, we have reviewed zero to one hundred purchases from the Alibaba site.

How to buy from Alibaba?
If you visit this site as a buyer, first of all you should find the product you want through the search menu or the categories on the site. Most likely, there are many different sellers for that item. But the question that arises is which seller is better? To choose the best seller correctly, the best way is to have a conversation with each of them and pay attention to their approach, response and price offer. Also, in addition to the direct conversation, you can also consider the opinions of other users and the stars assigned to the said seller. Follow us for a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy from Alibaba.

Creating an account on Alibaba
Shopping guide from Alibaba site

  1. Register on the Alibaba website
    In this section, we discussed how to register on the Alibaba website. Registering on the Alibaba site is the first step to buy from the Alibaba site, and to register, you only need to complete the following steps:
  2. Create an account on Alibaba
    To create and configure an account, you must first register on Alibaba. For this you need a username and a password. As a Chinese but global e-commerce company, Alibaba’s user interface is set to English by default. But for easier access of users, it is possible to change the language to the desired language.
  3. Get enough information about Alibaba
    When a buyer decides to make a purchase through Alibaba, he must choose a reliable supplier through a search in this store. Buyers must first determine the type of supplier suitable for their business.

Suppliers are seen in two ways on Alibaba:

  • Factory: This type of supplier is actually the actual manufacturer and his sales team communicates with buyers on Alibaba.
  • Trading company: This type of supplier is an intermediary that procures products from the factory and then provides them to the buyer.
  1. Smart search
    After logging in to the site through your account, you can search for the product you want in different ways. For example, by entering keywords related to the product or by using other options that this website provides. It is better to have enough information about the conditions that make your search successful. For example, you can google “Alibaba cheat sheet”. For this purpose, use Google Trends to get information about the search volume and people’s interest. This tool helps entrepreneurs to create a successful business. Also, conducting market research with different groups of target audiences is the most recommended method.

People’s responses help determine the success rate of the business idea. In order to compare manufacturers, in addition to checking each of them’s certification, you can specify your source requirements by sending a quote request.

Items to consider:

  • price product
    The first and most important thing to consider when buying from Alibaba is the product price and FOB option, which means that the seller will transport the cargo to the port free of charge, and the buyer will only have to pay the shipping cost. Pay from the port of origin to the port of destination.
  • Minimum order quantity
    Minimum Order Quantity means the minimum order quantity that a supplier on Alibaba is willing to deliver. This amount is negotiable and is different for each item.
  • Payment Terms
    After negotiating the minimum order quantity and product price, the most important issue is choosing the payment method. Buyers should know all the details about the payment methods and whether they are risky or not.
  • Customs duties of buying from Alibaba
  • The cost of buying from Alibaba, like any other purchase, includes customs fees and has a different tariff depending on the type of product. Customs duties for purchases from Alibaba are calculated by foreign purchase experts according to the desired product and announced in the final price. Naturally, some goods may have a higher tariff rate; Therefore, we recommend that you consult with the experts of us Sahab before making a decision about the product.
  • How to pay for purchases from Alibaba
  • The terms of payment and how to buy from the Alibaba website can be divided into several items:
  • Payment terms of Alibaba
  • Bank transfer:
  • This is one of the risky options for the buyer, and the advance payment to the supplier is made through a bank transfer. When dealing with a new or unknown supplier on Alibaba, it is better not to go for this method.
  • Credentials:
  • This payment method is complicated but relatively safe. Letter of credit can be chosen by both the buyer and the supplier and is very suitable for large orders over $20,000.
  • Western Union:
  • This method of payment is very, very risky and is not recommended at all unless the payment is properly protected by a security document. Remember to use this payment method when buying from Alibaba only when you are buying from a very reputable and reliable seller.
  • PayPal:
  • This method is one of the most popular options used by most international buyers on Alibaba because it is almost risk-free. However, this method has some disadvantages such as high taxes and also cannot be used in all countries of the world.
  • Guarantee document:
  • This service is reliable for Alibaba customers because it provides a very high level of buyer protection. A payment made by a third party and transferred to the supplier upon final approval by the buyer upon delivery.
  • All kinds of suppliers on the Alibaba website
  • Golden suppliers
  • Non-gold suppliers
  • A gold supplier pays a premium for promotion, marketing services, etc., and Alibaba assigns some limited accreditation to these suppliers. But this does not mean that the supplier necessarily uses quality products, but it shows that this seller is a legitimate seller. Currently, there are three different gold membership levels on Alibaba:
  • basic
  • Standard
  • Special (Premium)
  • Each of these levels provides members with their own personal web page. Prioritization in their search results, sending unlimited products (free membership is limited to 50 products) and the possibility to inquire about purchase requests. Additionally, each level has access to product showcases, which Alibaba says can increase product traffic by up to 100x.
  • As you would expect, special membership holders receive special benefits. For example, the position of first-class products, 28 product showcases (this number is equal to 12 and 5 for standard and basic members, respectively) and even personalized customer service by themselves.
  • Joining the Alibaba platform is free, but for those interested in taking advantage of all that the platform has to offer, especially the customer base and site functionality, a gold membership may be worth it.
  • Final inspection of product quality
  • The last step that must be done before finalizing the order is to ensure the quality of the shipment before receiving it. After dealing with the process of buying from Alibaba and the challenging shipping, the buyer should check the quality of the product to avoid any problems in the future. International buyers importing goods from China or other countries usually cannot inspect the shipment. So they have to hire a third party company for this purpose. At this stage, companies such as us Mobile can help you in this field (buying from Alibaba and other Chinese sites) and eliminate existing worries and concerns by inspecting the goods. we, along with having experienced and capable forces in China, completes the process of buying, transporting and clearing your purchased goods.
  • Conclusion
  • Alibaba is a great platform for entrepreneurs who want to provide valuable products for their business. Alibaba offers competitive prices and allows you to make huge profit margins. The store offers a wide range of suppliers, products and different locations, and the customer can get the product directly from the manufacturer, customized and with guaranteed packaging. Merchants can successfully buy and label their goods from Alibaba and finally sell them at a reasonable price. Undoubtedly, Alibaba can be a great support for entrepreneurs and help them expand their business in the shortest time. If buyers are careful when choosing suppliers, payment methods and shipping services, they can surely enjoy the unlimited benefits of this technology giant without any risk or damage. Hence, Alibaba easily supports outstanding entrepreneurs. It provides them with a competitive advantage and regulates potential risks. In addition, Alibaba supports the national economy by offering a wide variety of goods and encouraging easy international trade.