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Bleaching powder

product introduction

This product is an imported and extremely high quality bleaching powder that is privately produced by LOREAL and is exported in bulk or other brands to various countries including Iran.

It has 5 colors:






The very high quality of this type of powder has caused it to bleach hair up to level 1 with just one charge.

What are the characteristics of a good bleaching powder?

A good bleaching powder has the following characteristics:

There is no dust. If bleach powder is poured into the container from a distance of 30 cm, no dust will be raised.
It does not foam after combining with oxidant.
Dechlorinated Valvar powder contains fat, when it is washed by hand, it is completely greasy, this fat makes bleached hair shiny and also prevents hair damage. The reason for having keratin in this powder is that the powder is greasy.

Care after hair bleaching

Avoid direct heat on the hair after bleaching.
Use a suitable shampoo and also use a hair mask to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent hair dryness and brittleness.
Use natural oils.
Avoid washing your hair with hot water.
Trim the tips of the hair regularly and periodically.