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2phasic hair spray

Two-phase spray

It is a strong rejuvenating and hydrating product that is sprayed layer by layer between the hair and in addition to reviving the hair and creating softness, it makes the hair shiny and transparent.

As its name suggests, it is placed in two phases in the water and oil bases, the hydrating end of the product enters the hair layers and causes hydration to the hair cortex, and the oily phase leaves a light and protective oil layer on the hair. Creates that keeps the moisture of the hair.

This product is very different from the other two phases available in the market (which is just a combination of water, ethanol and glycerin) and the ingredients used in it are diverse, strong and regenerative.

Two-phase product features:

Preventing hair dryness and brittleness after ironing and hair dryer

Hydrating serum to the hair cortex

Hair heat protectant

Antifreeze and preventing hair tangles

Easy combing of hair without breaking hair strands

It softens the hair and turns the hair into a silky state.

There is no need to rinse after using this product.

Avoid spraying it in the eyes