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Anti-yellowing and redness shampoo

Anti-yellowing shampoo is a dyeing shampoo that is suitable for hair that has a lot of yellow spots after color and bleaching. This shampoo, having purple pigments, absorbs the excess yellowness after washing the hair. Purple color is the opposite color of yellow in the color circle, and opposite colors absorb and neutralize each other.

Many anti-yellowing shampoos on the market are not sulfate free. The fact that this product is sulfate-free is also important so that while absorbing the extra yellow color, it is a mild shampoo that does not damage the hair structure. This product can be replaced by an anti-yellowing hair mask that can be used instead of an anti-yellowing shampoo. .

Is every purple shampoo anti-jaundice?

In a short answer, no. There are many shampoos that are purple in color but do not have purple pigment suitable for dyeing. Therefore, shampoos can be any color, including purple, but shampoos containing purple pigments are not necessarily purple absorbent. Therefore, be careful in choosing the product in terms of its anti-yellowing and free sulfate.

What is anti dandruff shampoo?

This shampoo, like the anti-yellowing shampoo, is a coloring shampoo with the ability to absorb additional red colors. The green pigments in this shampoo absorb the opposite color, which is red and orange.

An important point about coloring shampoos is that these shampoos are not used to change the base of the hair color, but rather they take the extra reflections of the hair such as yellow, red and orange. Therefore, permanent or temporary hair color should be used to change the color base.

This product is sulfate free and the green pigments used in it are natural minerals. All the pigments used in the coloring shampoos of this collection are imported from Germany. And they have high quality and suitable concentration.

You can also use anti-redness masks to replace this product. Anti-protein and vitaminizing hair will also absorb excess hair.