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An overview of line devices and equipment

Facial tattooing and microblading, as a growing art and industry, require professional tools and equipment to ensure efficiency and safety in performing these processes. As an importer of facial tattoo equipment and supplies with specialized knowledge in the field of importing a variety of tattoo products, we provide you with a complete list of tools and equipment that are essential for facial tattooing and microblading. This article will help you make a better choice in purchasing your equipment.

All types of electrical equipment

A) Tattoo machines: There are different types of facial tattoo machines, including coil machines, rotary machines, and pen machines.

b) Power source: analog or digital power sources are used to supply power to tattoo machines.

c) Pedal and cable: These tools are used to control the on and off of tattoo machines and adjust their speed.

Non-electrical equipment

A) Tattoo bed and chair: Tattoo beds and tattoo chairs should be made of resistant and waterproof materials so that they can be easily cleaned and used in facial tattoo environments.

b) Mirror: Special mirrors for facial tattoos with a suitable viewing angle are used for users and customers.

Needles and blades

A) Tattoo needles: There are different types of tattoo needles for drawing, coloring, and other facial tattooing processes.

b) Blades and trimmers: Blades and trimmers are used for eyebrow microblading and creating precise lines in the pre-tattoo stages.

Colors and pigments

A) Tattoo colors: It is very important to choose colors according to the skin and the needs of customers.

b) Pigments for microbleeding: pigments to create a natural color when the eyebrow hair needs to change color.

Health and safety supplies

A) Gloves: disposable gloves to maintain hygiene and prevent the transmission of infections.

b) Mask and goggles: protective mask and goggles to prevent direct contact with chemicals and airborne particles.

c) Disinfectants: Disinfectants such as alcohol and disinfectant sprays for cleaning surfaces and tools.

Auxiliary tools

A) Temporary pens: temporary pens for designing and testing models before starting the tattoo work.

b) Processing materials: materials such as waterproof paper, glue and corrective whites.

Disinfection and cleaning materials:

A) Detergents: Special detergents are vital for cleaning tattoo tools and work surfaces.

b) Disinfection devices: special disinfection devices to completely sterilize tools and equipment.

Additional accessories

A) Carrying bags and boxes: special carrying bags and boxes for safe and simple transportation of tools and equipment.

b) Cutting machines: Cutting machines are used to change designs and remove old tattoos.

c) Creams and ointments: anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving creams and ointments for skin care after tattooing.

Decorative accessories

A) Jewelry and piercing: to enhance the beauty of the tattoo and create additional charms on the skin.

b) Stencil and molding grids: to create detailed and artistic designs in tattoos.

Note that choosing the right and reliable equipment is very important to maximize the quality of your face tattoo and microblading work and to guarantee the health and safety of customers and users. Before buying, do enough research and work with reputable and trusted suppliers.

You can expect superior quality and service from our company as an importer of face tattoo and microblading equipment with specialized knowledge in this field. We will help you improve your tattoo and microblading work by providing quality and reliable equipment.