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Alpha protein bath hair mask

product introduction

As can be seen from the name of this product, it is a protein-keratin hair mask containing amino acids and hair regenerating and healing vitamins.

This mask is a family of rinse-off masks in the bathroom, which is used as a fixing mask after color, keratin, bleaching and other chemical treatments on the hair, and while reviving the hair and making the hair soft and shiny, it records the closure of the hair cuticle and stabilizes it. The chemical treatment performed on the hair.

The pH of this product is mildly acidic, and this feature closes the hair cuticles and stabilizes the hair structure.

How to use this product?

First, wash your hair with alkaline shampoo number 1 to open the hair cuticles and remove any excess material from it, and the hair is ready to receive new materials. Then, from the remaining two centimeters to the root, we apply the material with the help of a silicone comb.

We allow the material to rest on the hair for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, we rinse the hair. At this stage, there is no need to wash the hair with sulfate-free shampoo or any other shampoo.

We can do this every week or sooner continuously. Using this mask causes deep hydration to the hair cortex and restores the damaged hair structure.