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Air freight to Dubai

The presence of immigrants and Emiratis of Iranian origin in Dubai has caused its constant communication with Iran. These cultural family relations have increased the commercial and economic exchanges between Dubai and Iran. The UAE is Iran’s second trading partner after China, and these transactions, which constitute about 20% of Iran’s total trade

Air transportation has a higher cost than land transportation, but due to the speed and security of air transportation, it is trusted by companies, merchants and travelers, which leads to the expansion of exports and economic savings.

Freight to Dubai
If needed, we Mobile can provide you freight freight service to Dubai (air freight to Dubai) in 3 working days. Packaging of goods, customs procedures, receipt of bill of lading and necessary documents and transportation of goods by reliable and leading airlines in the world are the responsibility of experienced experts of our Company. You can send your goods to Dubai with confidence.

Guide to sending goods by air to Dubai
To get a license to export commercial goods, exporters are required to have a commercial card in their desired field. All natural and legal persons can export their commercial goods by air through their business card or with the help of experts of our Company.

It is necessary to provide documents and documents by the owner of the goods or its legal representative during customs procedures. If you need advice and coordination, you can contact the office, our experts are ready to provide services for your export and customs affairs.

Specifications required to send cargo to Dubai:
Details of the exporter’s representative
Details of the recipient of the goods at the destination
Country of Origin (Country of Origin)
The destination country of the means of transport or the destination of the means of transport in general
Terms of transaction and payment and delivery of goods
Means of transport, place of loading
The customs office where the formalities for the export of goods are carried out
Cargo specifications (type, dimensions, number of packages, weight with container and mark and number)
Product specifications (tariff, product, number or amount of product, net weight, export value of product)

Specialized packaging of commercial goods

Packaging is one of the most sensitive and at the same time the most decisive stages of supply, consumption and transportation of goods. Packaging has a significant impact on the quality and content of many materials. The existence of principled and standard packaging plays a special importance in the transportation sector, especially for export.

The optimal quality of the raw materials used in packaging, the efficiency and suitable dimensions of packaging reduce the cost of transporting products; Because the mentioned features help to avoid wasting time, ease of loading, optimal use of the space of cargo vehicles and speed up the transportation of goods. Products that have standard packaging are protected from the risk of impact and damage during transportation.

Important information of Dubai customs

Customers are required to complete a packing list detailing the contents of their shipment. Shipments worth more than 1,000 dirhams require a copy of the recipient’s passport as well as a residence or employment visa to receive tax exemption. Documents in the name of the sender of the goods are checked by the customs expert.

Customers who do not have a residence visa, work visa or UAE passport are advised to ensure the value of their shipment (less than 1000 dirhams) to be eligible for duty-free clearance. The cost of transporting personal goods is between 70 and 100 dirhams, depending on the service used, which is paid upon delivery. No items are processed on Fridays, but deliveries can be made on Sundays.

Tips that you should pay attention to when delivering luggage at Dubai airport:

After carrying out the initial work, our company along with the personnel of Dubai Airlines will contact the recipient’s name registered in the bill of lading and inform you of the arrival of your cargo at the destination of Dubai. Pay attention to the following:

Your phone is available. When issuing the bill of lading, provide two phone numbers so that they can contact the second number if they are not available.
Note that the airline employees do not make much effort to contact you and you should be alert and you can even call the airline company and inquire about the status of your luggage.
After making sure that the cargo is delivered to Dubai destination, you should refer to the cargo area of that airline.
Then get the original bill of lading and warehouse receipt. Airlines charge you a fee for providing these documents, which is in addition to the freight fee to Dubai.
At each airport, a small amount must be paid for storage and airport services by the recipient of the goods, which has nothing to do with the cost of transporting the goods to Dubai at the origin.
In most airports, it is not delivered to the warehouse until 48 hours after the cargo arrives. After 48 hours, you have to pay the storage company according to the volume and weight of your goods.
According to the customs rules, Dubai airport customs will charge you an amount for import duties, which varies based on the value and type of your goods.

Our specialty services

Clearance of all imported goods from Iran to Dubai
Transporting goods sent from Iran to Dubai by air to air
Receiving goods from business partners in Dubai and sending them to other parts of the world through airlines
Daily receipt of goods through airlines and shipping to Iran with the first flight
Providing door to door services
we Trading Company is with you until the goods are cleared in Dubai.