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About the company’s activities

Supply of raw materials

Production of cosmetic and sanitary containers: This group produces a wide range of cosmetic-sanitary containers with more than 90 molds. It is also possible to produce custom dishes and make a special mold after receiving minimum orders.

Importing cosmetic containers: Another activity of this company is the import of special containers, which are sometimes not possible to produce domestically, or its production is not economically justified. Therefore, this group has a special capability in importing special containers.

Graphic design services

Brand registration services: Brand registration is another service of this collection to complete our entrepreneurial chain and do zero to one hundred tasks for customers. This collection has a large number of brands that can be used under a “franchise” contract or in other ways.

The scope of the company’s activities

We have had many activities in the field of hair and skin and currently we offer the most complete portfolio of hair and skin products. The knowledge base of the company and the use of special forces, professional scientific representatives has made us always be a pioneer in the market and provide the latest skin and hair line products.

Quality along with reasonable price has made us add another competitive advantage to our work. We have never sacrificed quality for price, and considering our representatives and colleagues across the country and creating a suitable profit margin for them, we have always had passionate and enthusiastic colleagues by our side. Cooperation with the final consumer and the distribution network has made us consider both the final consumer’s point of view and the market’s point of view in product design and production.