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9 second-restoring hair mask

product introduction

It is a very thin mask outside the bathroom, which was used as an open knot and thermal protection against hair dryers and hair irons.

While revitalizing and hydrating, it prevents thermal damage to the hair, and for this reason, it is a hair cover and a thermal protection.

This mask is used in different colors and essences and is also used as a hair perfume and creates a good smell in the hair.

It should be noted that this mask is a rinse-off mask that needs gentle rinsing after use and a little rest.

How to use this mask?

First, we take a little of the moisture from the hair and then spray this mask on the hair. After an hour, we can gently rinse the hair. You can also apply this mask on hair without rinsing and after a little rest, with a hair dryer or iron.