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Who We Are? And What We Do?

With a 35-year history, this collection has been active in various fields of cosmetics and health. First, he started his activity in the market of Tehran, and then, with the development of his activity, he established his own trading and production companies. The commercial portal is responsible for all matters related to buying, selling, granting agency, import and export, and obtaining licenses.

A look at the company’s activities

1.Supply, production and import f raw materials and products of cosmetics and health products, production and import of cosmetics and health containers. 2.Business consulting, company registration, customs clearance, foreign sourcing, transportation and transit and transhipment of goods .3.Import of all permitted goods, including: car and motorcycle spare parts, electronic parts including laptops, etc., import and export of heavy machine parts, trailers and refrigerated containers and cold storage and cold storage doors

Customs Clearance Iran
Specialized sea clearance services

Sending goods door to door from China and UAE
Carrying out customs formalities (clearance, declaration of goods, evaluation, etc.)

Air Freight To Dubai

Freight to Dubai, Guide to sending goods by air to Dubai, Specialized packaging of commercial goods,Important information of Dubai customs,Our specialty services

Import From UAE

Jebel Ali port, Imported from Jebel Ali, Bandar Rashid


Importing Goods China

 research shipping costs, The most categories of goods imported from China

Private label production of cosmetic products in China factories and Guangzhou business opportunities
First part: private label production of cosmetics and health products in Chinese factories
Part II: Business Opportunities in Guangzhou, China
Third part: Brand registration in China
Fourth part: contact with Royal Trade Market experts

The cosmetics industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Since the demand for these products has greatly increased, the production of private label (personal brand) of these products is considered as a very attractive business opportunity…

Production of private label cosmetic products in Indian factories
Part 1: Private label production of cosmetic products in Indian factories
Part 2: Business opportunities in Delhi and Mumbai, India
Part 3: Brand Registration in India
Part 4: Advantages of manufacturing in India over China
As a growing industry, private label manufacturing of cosmetics has emerged as an attractive business opportunity in India. With a long history in the production of cosmetics and health products, India has brought excellent production facilities and high production power…
AliPay is one of the largest and most reliable international payment systems in the world, which was created by the Chinese company Alibaba Group. This system is known as one of the important tools in facilitating internet transactions and financial payments around the world. In the following, we will explain the history of Alipay, then we will review how to pay internationally with Alipay and open an account and insert a card in the Alipay system.
In today’s world, international payments are of great importance and it is vital to have ways to make these payments easily and securely. In this article, we will discuss the role of WeChat in international payments and how to use this platform. Also, our company is introduced as a consultant in the field of international payments and it is explained how you can benefit from our consulting services.

Contract Manufacturing of cosmetic products

Hair care products, skin care, hair keratin, tattoo lines, devices and equipment, containers and packaging for cosmetics

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The competition to produce products and provide them to the customer has created an industry known as the private label industry or the customer-ordered production industry. Of course, other names such as customer brand production, customer brand packaging, empty capacity production or Private Label industry have also been given to this new business.
The cosmetic industry is one of the fastest growing and most important industries in the world. The products of this industry, from shampoo and hair mask to keratin and many other products.
At Royal Trade Market, we specialize in importing a wide range of hair care products such as shampoos, hair masks, hair conditioners, keratin treatments, argan serums, and more. Additionally, we manufacture skincare products under our exclusive brand for our valued customers abroad. Our diverse range of activities also includes the import of cosmetics and hygiene products, as well as electrical appliances for salons, including irons and hairdryers, among others.
We also engage in importing primary materials for cosmetic and hygiene containers. We import a wide range of raw materials, including glass, PE, PP, PET, and PETG. Additionally, custom molding of containers abroad is another one of our activities. We also offer customized printing services with personalized branding and logos for our customers, ensuring that their products reach consumers uniquely and with added value.
We are specialized importers of professional salon hair straighteners and hair dryers. We take pride in importing a wide range of professional hair dryers, all featuring our exclusive branding and logos. Our meticulous sourcing and technical selection have set a high standard for the quality of our products in this market.

We specialize in importing authorized goods, including spare parts for automobiles, motorcycle components, heavy machinery spare parts, refrigerated containers, cold storage doors, and related parts. Additionally, we are engaged in the import of both new and refurbished laptops, as well as household appliances. We have the capability to tailor these imports according to your specific needs.

Our commitment to identifying the best-selling brands in the market and making the right supplier choices ensures a professional and specialized approach to importation. We understand that your concerns in the import business revolve around ease and simplicity. Our goal is to take the burden of importation off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate all your time and energy on marketing and selling your products. So, let us handle the imports, and you can focus on sales, making imports from us your source of revenue.